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Role Play Rules & Guideline Empty Role Play Rules & Guideline

Post by Koshka on Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:49 pm

These rules apply to any and all role plays and must be followed at all times. Any rule breaking and we will remove you from the site.


* Topics can be bumped every 24 hours.
* Duplicate topics are Not allowed. (EX: Hybrid: A Leopard RP)
* Please request that your RP be locked if you do not wish to continue the RP. If they are not active after two weeks they will be automatically locked temporarily until the owner returns.
* 1x1 Role Plays are allowed in the 1x1 RP section only.
* Please be sure to post your RP in the right section. If you are unsure as to where it goes please don't hesitate to PM a mod or administrator for help.


* This is a PG rated forum. RP's may contain mild violence as well as other content relating to the animal world.

Role Playing

* Users may make one topic per RP.
* If an RP goes off topic a warning will be given. If it should continue after three warnings a temporary ban will be issued to the contributing member and the RP permanently locked.
* OOC or Out of character comments are allowed so long as the remain on the RP topic.
* Mating role play is kept to a faded restriction. Descriptive Mating RP's are not allowed.


***Power Playing is giving your character the ability to complete an action in a single second.  Ex; Character kills the elk in one bite.***

* Posts related to power playing are prohibited. If posts are seen displaying this type of behavior they will be removed and a warning will be given. Should this continue you will be banned.

* Do not attempt to RP as someone else’s character. This happens when someone forces a character not their own to RP something without the owners consent. Should this happen a warning will be given and you will be asked to edit your post removing the content. If not compliant you may be restricted from RP or banned.

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